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Afro-American Studies (AFRO)
  • AFRO-A 169 Introduction to African American Literature (3 cr.) Representative Afro-American writings including poetry, short story, sermons, novel, drama.
  • AFRO-A 249 African American Autobiography (3 cr.) A survey of autobiographies written by black Americans in the last two centuries.
  • AFRO-A 379 Early Black American Writing (3 cr.) An exploration of African American literature from its beginnings until the mid-to-late 1800's.
  • AFRO-A 380 Contemporary Black American Writing (3 cr.) Study of texts (autobiography, memoir, fiction, poetry, drama, essay) written/published by contemporary African American authors.
  • AFRO-A 480 The Black Novel (3 cr.) Study of the development of the African American novel from the Harlem Renaissance to the present.

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