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Technology (GRAD)
  • TECH 50400 Motorsports Project Management (3 cr.) This course focuses on engineering and organizational project management aspects specific to the technical operation of a race team or other closely related business in the extremely fast moving world of motorsports.
  • TECH 50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology (3 cr.) This course is an introduction to measurement strategies and evaluation of data in industry and technology within the context of research design and implementation.  Students in this course will learn about the research process by designing, conducting, and analyzing the data for a small empirical research project.
  • TECH 50801 Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology (3 cr.) Examines the contemporary issues of continuous improvement in quality and productivity in manufacturing and service industries.  Includes a close examination of the evolving philosophies bearing on the scope, improvement, and costs of quality assurance programs in industry and technology.
  • TECH 52100 Practicum in Motorsports Design and Application (4 cr.) This course comprises a study conducted while the student is working with a race team or associated motorsports industry organization.  The student's experience will be overseen and monitored by IUPUI faculty.  A project relevant to the student's individual situation will be determined by mutual agreement between the student, supervising faculty member, and industrial supervisor.  The project will integrate and synthesize the various aspects of the motorsports industry in which the student has been imbedded.  An industry quality technical presentation and technical report will be required.
  • TECH 53100 Motorsports Topics Seminar (2 cr.) This course features a variety of special topics and guest speakers tying together the concepts of design, modeling, and testing which were studied in an undergraduate program in motorsports engineering or elated field.
  • TECH 56300 History, Trends and Limitations of Technology (3 cr.) Students learn the fundamental concepts in engineering and technology education. This includes knowledge of information and communication systems, constructions, manufacturing processes, energy/power/transportation technologies, and the overall impact of individuals on the environment within the context of society. This course develops the philosophy and nature of technology as an education discipline. It covers an overview of the importance of technology in history. Students also learn the limitations and scope that impacts the field of engineering technology.
  • TECH 58100 Workshop in Technology (1-3 cr.) Advanced study of technical and professional topics. Emphasis is on new developments relating to technical, operational, and training aspects of industry and technology education.
  • TECH 58200 Motorsports Special Topics (3 cr.) This course involves an independent or directed study conducted under the guidance of a motorsports department faculty member.
  • TECH 64600 Analysis of Research in Industry and Technology (3 cr.) P: Master's student standing. Analysis of research and evaluation of research reports. Emphasis on understanding the application of fundamental statistical methods in design and interpretation of research findings in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments.