The School of Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for a variety of careers. As part of its instructional mission, the school also provides non-science majors with the scientific background to help them become more aware and better-informed consumers and citizens. Scientists advance the boundaries of our knowledge of the natural world through applied and basic research. Science benefits society by providing fundamental knowledge and technical advances in such areas as health, ecology, computer and software design, mathematical modeling, and chemistry. Science informs the social sciences with scientific understanding of psychology, applications of statistics, and an understanding of environmental issues. Science contributes to the arts and humanities by offering knowledge of the physical universe and the symmetry and wonder of nature.

In addition to preparing students for science-related careers and for advanced study in graduate school, an undergraduate program in one of the sciences is an excellent background for professional study in medicine (including veterinary medicine), dentistry, business administration, law, and areas of the social sciences where quantitative methods are important.

An education in the sciences also opens the door to employment in the high-tech industry in sales and management.

Supplementing the full-time instructional staff, with ranks ranging from instructor through full professor, is a contingent of well-qualified, experienced lecturers who are recruited from the reserve of talent existing in the Indianapolis area.

Last Updated:  February 2012