Students must be seeking graduate degrees and meet the general requirements of the Indiana University Graduate School or the Purdue University Graduate School, depending on the degree. Specific requirements of the individual department in which the student enrolls must also be met. Special departmental requirements are listed under the major department.

At least 30 academic credits are required for the master’s degree and at least 90 academic credits are required for the Ph.D. Some programs may require more credits. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is 12 hours, but some programs may allow fewer. The student’s major department and the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education determine acceptability of transfer credits from another college or university. No work may be transferred from another institution unless the grade is a B or higher.

Students must meet graduate school resident study requirements. At least one-half of the total credit hours used to satisfy a Purdue master’s degree must be earned while in residence at IUPUI. At least 30 credit hours of IU graduate work must be completed while enrolled on a campus of Indiana University to satisfy the master’s degree. At least one-third of the total credit hours used to satisfy degree requirements must be earned (while registered for doctoral study) in continuous residence on the IUPUI campus. The major department should be consulted for other more specific rules.

All non-native speakers of English must submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimal score of 550 on the paper version/PBT TOEFL or a minimal score of 213 on the computer-based version/CBT TOEFL is required. Departments may set higher standards. Applicants in the Indianapolis area may substitute the IUPUI English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Examination for the TOEFL. See the English for Academic Purposes web site for additional information. Information about this test is also available from the Office of International Affairs online at

Each student must file a plan of study that conforms to the departmental and disciplinary requirements. This is normally done in consultation with a faculty advisory committee. A tentative plan of study should be drawn up in advance of registration for the first semester of graduate work. The student and the graduate advisor should do this. Students and advisors should pay careful attention to the deadlines established by the graduate schools for filing plans of study.

Students must meet the grade and grade point average requirements. Only grades of A, B, or C are acceptable in fulfilling graduate school requirements in any plan of study. An advisory committee or department may require higher performance than C in certain courses. Grades of Pass (P) are not acceptable. Specific cumulative grade point average requirements, if any, are determined by the individual departments.

Students must fulfill departmental requirements regarding oral and written examinations. These requirements vary by program and students should consult the major department. The graduate school has no general requirement for oral and written examinations for the non-thesis master’s degree.

Graduate Non-Degree Study

A student who has previously earned a bachelor’s degree may enroll in graduate courses without making formal application as a degree-seeking student. Application as a graduate non-degree student is, however, required and may be obtained through the IUPUI Graduate Office at the Web site

Additional information can be obtained at the IUPUI Graduate Office, University Library, Room UL 1170, 755 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202; phone (317) 274-1577. Students should consult the major department to determine how many credits earned in a non-degree status may be transferred into a graduate degree program.