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Welcome to the School of Science at IUPUI!

The School of Science at IUPUI provides an environment where students are both challenged and nurtured by each other, faculty and staff on a campus with a multitude of resources to help students succeed.  

The School of Science offers over 25 undergraduate, ten masters, and nine Ph.D. degree programs across seven departments. In addition to preparing students for science or technology-related careers and for advanced study in graduate school, an undergraduate program in one of the sciences is an excellent background for professional study in medicine (including veterinary medicine), dentistry, business administration, law, and areas of the social sciences where quantitative methods are important.

Students here reap the benefits of small classes, an interactive learning environment, and challenging material and lab work. As early as their freshman year, our undergraduates are able to participate in real research with renowned faculty. Our undergraduate students have co-authored research papers and presented at national conferences.

We’re a community of learners and students thrive here. Students support each other through peer-led mentoring, providing a unique environment where students become leaders by teaching others. Student organizations and volunteer programs are just a couple of the ways for students to get involved outside of the classroom.

We’re great scientists, but more importantly, we’re innovative teachers. As a school and a university, we’ve developed teaching methods that engage and encourage students—and are used at universities throughout the United States. Simply put, we care about our students.

The School of Science and its seven departments are situated in the heart of Indianapolis, near five hospitals, the Indiana University schools of medicine, dentistry and nursing, and countless science and technology companies. Through internships and undergraduate research, our students have opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, across campus, and across the academic and business communities. Our graduates emerge as well-rounded scientists whose experiences have prepared them to solve the problems of the future.

The School of Science at IUPUI is critical to the success of the life, health and technology industries in central Indiana—our graduates are the life blood of an economy that needs innovative thinkers, contributing team members and eager learners. Committed to having real impact in their work and community, our graduates emerge from the School of Science as well-rounded scientists whose experiences have prepared them to solve the problems of the future.