Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies

Students completing the Translation Studies certificate will:

  • Know the basic premises of translation and work within a framework that assists them in effectively conveying a written text from one language into another.
  • Know the basic theoretical concepts supporting translation studies and be able to apply those theories to the practice of translation.
  • Understand the complexities of the task of translation, as well as the role it plays in the dissemination of ideas and cultures.
  • Understand the differences between translation and interpretation and the different skill sets required for.
  • Understand the ethical responsibilities that go along with the profession and practice of translation.
  • Be able to effectively translate a variety of texts into both Spanish and English, taking into consideration the specific circumstances related to both the source and target languages and cultures.
  • Be able to demonstrate the necessary skills to effectively translate a variety of discourse typologies such as commercial, legal, technical, medical and literary.
  • Be able to appropriately use the fundamental tools for translation such as dictionaries (monolingual, bilingual, terminology specific, glossaries and Internet resources) and Computer Assisted Translation programs.
  • Be able to demonstrate superior proofreading and editing skills for crafting and evaluating translations.
  • Be able to discuss translation and interpretation in a professional and academic manner.
  • Be able to continue to graduate work for those who intend to pursue research in translation studies.