Graduate Programs


Political Science

Applications for admission to the program (without financial support) will be reviewed throughout the year, but it is recommended that applications for fall be submitted no later than the end of June, and for spring no later than the end of November.

Completed applications for IUPUI Fellowships must be submitted by February 1. Priority for other forms of financial aid (internships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships) will be given to those applying by May 1. 

Minimum admissions requirements are a BA from an accredited institution, a GPA of 3.0, and scores on the revised GRE General Test of 145 in each of the verbal and quantitative elements, and 4.5 in the analytical writing element. (For GREs taken before July 31, 2011, we look for an average of 500 or better with at least one score of 550 or better.) You can sign up to take the GRE at It is recommended that you sign up at least two weeks in advance of the date on which you want to take the exam to ensure that you obtain a reservation for that day.

For full details on the admissions process, please visit the Graduate Office web site, where you can file an online application. The application includes a personal statement and three letters of recommendation. In addition, you will need to submit your undergraduate transcript and GRE scores, and be interviewed in person by the departmental Director of Graduate Admissions.

Conditional admittance. Students whose admission package is incomplete or whose GPA and/or GRE scores do not quite meet our expectations may be conditionally admitted to the program. Also, students who apply late or before they have taken their GRE may be admitted as graduate non-degree students. Either way, courses taken before formal admittance will count toward the MA once students are formally admitted (provided the grade expectation described above is met).