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Geographic Information Science

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science requires a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a recommended minimum GPA of 3.0. Appropriate work experience also will be taken into account. Students are required to submit a statement of interest, three letters of recommendation, and an application for admission to the School of Graduate Studies.

Students already admitted into Indiana University or Purdue University graduate programs are automatically eligible to apply to the certificate program. Such students must declare their participation in the certificate program and submit a statement of interest. Admission decisions will be made by the faculty oversight committee.

Course Requirements
Total requirements: 15 credit hours. The minimum grade that will be accepted in any single course is B.

Required courses (9 credits):
  1. G535 Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 cr.)
  2. G538 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3 cr.)
  3. G639 Seminar in Geographic Information Science (3 cr.)

Electives (6 credits). Any 2 of the following courses:
  • G536 Advanced Remote Sensing (3 cr.)
  • G537 Computer Cartography and Graphics (3 cr.)
  • G539 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (3 cr.)
  • G588 Spatial Statistics (3 cr.)