Graduate Programs


Anthropology & Health

The graduate minor in anthropology and health is an integrated field of 12 credit hours of study designed to supplement the graduate training of students with an interest in careers in the health field. The program has three goals: to provide students with a holistic perspective on the anthropology of health, which integrates human biology, ecology, and culture in a systems model of health; to develop students’ anthropological inquiry skills in understanding health in human groups; and to develop students’ abilities to apply anthropological concepts and skills to health interventions in the areas of their career focus. The graduate minor in anthropology and health will provide students with training that will add greater depth and breadth to their qualifications in their major field. They will be able to use the cross-cultural and bio-cultural perspectives of anthropology to supplement their primary graduate training to better prepare them for a career in the health fields. This focused training will enable students to use anthropological concepts and skills to identify bio-cultural factors in the occurrence of disease, to understand ethnic behavior related to illness, and to identify where health programs across social and ethnic lines can be made more effective.
Course Requirements
Twelve credit hours approved for the minor in anthropology and health with a grade point average of at least 3.25, including E445; A594; one course selected from B521, B523, B525, E404, E606, and L605; and one elective.
Research Methods in the Anthropology of Health
Electives will be selected from approved anthropology courses offered at IUPUI and IU Bloomington in consultation with the minor advisor.