Departments, Programs and Centers


Philanthropic Studies

Executive Director, Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University Patrick M. Rooney

Director of Academic Programs Dwight F. Burlingame

Chair of Faculty Debra J. Mesch

Director of Graduate Programs Gregory R. Witkowski

Director of Undergraduate Programs Julie A. Hatcher

Director of Student Services Marsha Currin McGriff

Professors  Dwight F. Burlingame, Libraries; Phillip Cochran, Business; Ulla Connor, English; Thomas Davis, Religious Studies; Robert Dibie, SPEA (IUK); Guiliana Gemeli, History (Bologna); Kirsten A. Grønbjerg, SPEA (IUB); Bessie House-Soremekun, Political Science; Leslie Lenkowsky, SPEA (IUB); Debra J. Mesch, SPEA; Michael McGinnis, Political Science; Micheal McGuire, SPEA;  James L. Perry, SPEA, (IUB);David Reingold, SPEA (IUB); Patrick Rooney, Economics; Adrian Sargeant, SPEA; Philip V. Scarpino, History; William H. Schneider, History; Jane Schultz, English; John H. Stanfield, II, African American and African Diaspora Studies (IUB); Richard Steinberg, Economics; Eugene R. Tempel, Education; Robert White, Sociology; Patricia Wittberg, Sociology

Associate Professors Karl Besel, SPEA (IUK); David Craig, Religious Studies; Kevin Cramer, History;Aurelian Craiutu, Political Science;  Richard Gunderman, Medicine  and Philosophy; Julie A. Hatcher, Philanthropic Studies, Susan Hyatt, Anthropology; Robert Katz, Law; Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, Anthropology and Museum Studies; Una Okonkwo Osili, Economics; Nancy M. Robertson, History; Michael Rushton, SPEA (IUB);  Brian Steensland, Sociology (IUB); Andrea Walton, Education (IUB); Mark Wilhelm, Economics; Gregory R. Witkowski, Philanthropic Studies

Assistant Professors Matthew Baggetta, SPEA; Jennifer Brass, SPEA; Beth Gazley, SPEA (IUB);  Fran Huehls, Libraries; Yanna Krupnikov, Political Science; Lauren Morris MacLean, Political Science; Deanna Malatesha, SPEA;  SPEA (IUB); Timothy Seiler, Philanthropic Studies; Genevieve Shaker, Philanthropic Studies, Yue (Jen) Shang, SPEA (IUB);  ; Ye Zhang, Economics

Adjunct Professors Matthew Todd Bradley, Political Science (IUK); Hayley Froysland, History; Brenda Burke, University Library; Nancy Goldfarb, Philanthropic Studies; ; Marjorie Hershey, Political Science; Thom Jeavons, Philanthropic Studies; Sheila Kennedy, SPEA; Laura Littlepage, SPEA; Alvin Lyons, SPEA;  Eric M. Meslin, Medicine and Philosophy; Daniel Pesut, Nursing; Anne Marie Thomson, SPEA (IUB); Lilya Wagner, Philanthropic Studies[GW1] 

Emeritus Faculty Constance M. Baker, Mary Anne Baker, Gerald L. Bepko, Wolfgang Bielefeld, Robert G. Bringle, Edmund Byrne, Anne Donchin, Lawrence J. Friedman, Roger Hamburg, Giles Hoyt, Peter P. Jacobi, Lawrence Lambert, Angela McBride,  Paul Nagy, Jeanne Peterson, William M. Plater, Jan B. Shipps, Sheldon Siegel, David H. Smith, Susan Sutton, Richard C. Turner, Carl H. Ziegler

Professional Staff  Office Coordinator,  Susan Lutz;  Student Services Coordinator, Peggy Smith;  PhD Coordinator, Emily Griffith

 Academic Advising  Sigma Theta Tau (TG) 301, 317-278-8911

Philanthropic Studies at Indiana University is interdisciplinary, inter-professional, and system-wide. The field addresses voluntary contributions of service and funds, voluntary associations, and what has been called ‘‘the social history of the moral imagination.’’ Areas of inquiry range from the history of philanthropy and philanthropy in literature (in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI) to fundraising management and legal issues (in other schools at IUPUI and IU Bloomington). Undergraduate and graduate degrees, minors, and certificates in various areas of philanthropic studies are currently available in the School of Liberal Arts and in other schools at IUPUI and IU Bloomington. For more information, visit the Center on Philanthropy at