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American Studies

  • Director Martin A Coleman, Philosophy
  • Professors David Bodenhamer, History; Jonathan Eller, English; Carol Brooks Gardner, Sociology; Philip Goff, Religious Studies; Sara A. Hook, School of Informatics; Nathan Houser, Philosophy;  Missy Dehn Kubitschek, English; John R. McKivigan, History;   Jane Schultz, English; Peter J. Thuesen, Religious Studies; William Touponce, English; Marianne S. Wokeck, History
  • Associate Professors Annie G. Coleman, History;  Owen Dwyer, Geography; Karen R. Johnson, English; Thomas Marvin, English; Nancy Marie Robertson, History; Susan C. Shepherd, English; Rachel Wheeler, Religious Studies
  • Assistant Professors Martin A Coleman, Philosophy; Jason Kelly, History;
  • Lecturers Robert L. Beck, Geography and John Gosney, UITS
  • Executive Director, Institute for American Thought David E. Pheifer
The field of American studies extends across a broad spectrum of disciplines to offer integrating perspectives on American experience, thought, and expression. In this respect, American studies is decidedly interdisciplinary in its approaches, but at the same time it is very much a field unto itself, generating its own lines of inquiry concerning the American cultural mosaic.

The American Studies Program includes overseas exchanges with the University of Derby, U.K., and Newcastle University, U.K.,which are both open to IUPUI students.