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Film Studies

For information on film studies, see the description of the film studies minor included in the “English” section of this bulletin. For course descriptions, consult the “Courses” sections in this bulletin. For English majors, film studies courses are considered part of the major.
Film Studies
  • FILM C292 An Introduction to Film (3 cr.)
  • FILM C350 Film Noir
  • FILM C351 Musicals
  • FILM C352 Biopics
  • FILM C361 Hollywood Studio Era 1930-1949
  • FILM C362 Hollywood in the 1950s
  • FILM C380 French Cinema (3 cr.)
  • FILM C390 The Film and Society: Topics (3 cr.)
  • FILM C391 The Film: Theory and Aesthetics (3 cr.)
  • FILM C392 Genre Study in Film (3 cr.)
  • FILM C393-C394 History of European and American Films (3-3 cr.)
  • FILM C491 Authorship in Cinema (3 cr.)
  • FILM C493 Film Adaptations of Literature (3 cr.)

  • ENG W260 Film Criticism (3 cr.)
  • GER G370 German Cinema (3 cr.)
  • GER G371 Der deutsche Film (3 cr.)
Communication Studies
  • COMM M373 Film and Video Documentary