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Master of Public Affairs

The graduate program of the Public and Environmental Affairs consists of the Master of Public Affairs degree.

The mission of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs Masters of Public Affairs Program is to sustain a diverse collaborative community of learning that provides professional education to develop ethical, motivated, and effective leaders and to impact our changing region, nation, and world through community engagement and research. 

The Master of Public Affairs program, which is fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), is an integrated course of study that requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. The program provides knowledge and experience that can be used by the professional in various roles within a changing public sector. It is also an interdisciplinary, professional program drawing on diverse faculty talents and resources. The goal of the program is to equip the individual with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter local, state, or federal government or quasi-governmental service and to broaden comprehension of the economic, environmental, political, and social context in which the public servant works.

The curriculum of this program as contained in the core requirements encompasses preparation in a broad range of skills relevant to the operation of public agencies. It is, therefore, interdisciplinary, based on the academic disciplines, but not limited to any one; it is also problem-oriented, bringing the disciplines to bear on critical social, environmental, economic, and administrative conditions.

Although the environment of public service is diverse and changing, effectiveness in that environment requires the development of special skills attained through detailed study in a chosen field of concentration. The fields of concentration span the variety of professional specialties found in public service. Thus, the program provides both expertise in a specific concentration area and in the core requirements, and a general working knowledge of public affairs.

Master of Public Affairs

Academic Features:

The Master of Public Affairs is a 36 credit hour degree program in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The program provides knowledge and experience that can be used by the professional in various roles within the changing public and nonprofit sectors. Degree requirements are as follows:

Public Affairs Core (27 Credits)

  • V500 Quantitative Tools for Public Affairs
  • V502 Public Management
  • V506 Statistical Analysis for Policy and Management
  • V509 Administrative Ethics
  • V517 Public Management Economics
  • V540 Law and Public Affairs
  • V560 Public Finance and Budgeting
  • V585 Practicum in Public Affairs
  • V600 Capstone in Public and Environmental Affairs

Concentrations (9 Credits) 

Concentration Requirements

  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Services Administration and Social Change
  • Sustainability and Social Change
  • Leadership 

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