Policies & Procedures

Transfer to Other Indiana University Campuses

Indiana University credits transferred from one campus of Indiana University to another will be evaluated and accepted in terms at least as favorably as credits transferred from other accredited institutions in the United States. No review of the credits will be undertaken except in good faith terms of the same criteria used in evaluating external credits. In fact, students transferring within the Indiana University system are treated much more favorably because of the similarity of course work on the eight campuses.

Students who want to transfer to another campus should follow these procedures:

  1. Inform your academic advisor of your decision as soon as possible. Degree requirements may vary from one campus to another but if your advisor knows of your plan, your academic program can be designed to meet the requirements of the campus you will eventually attend.
  2. Contact the department chairperson (or the designated advisor) at the campus you plan to attend. Discuss your plan and ask about any special procedures. For example, students transferring in fine arts must submit portfolios of their work. Music transfer students must be auditioned.
  3. Complete the IU Intercampus Transfer form online (www.iupui.edu/~moveiu).
  4. As the date of transfer approaches, check with your campus registrar to get information on registration dates and procedures on the other campus. If there is a preregistration or preenrollment procedure at the other campus, you should plan to take advantage of it. Contact the registrar of the other campus to determine whether you can fulfill any of these responsibilities by phone. Your registrar has a direct telephone line to all other registrars.
  5. When you arrive on the new campus, contact your assigned academic advisor or department chairperson as soon as possible. Discuss your academic progress to date and the additional course work required for your program.

Academic Bulletins

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