Policies & Procedures


Veterans Credit

Veterans of military service are eligible for academic credit as a result of their military training and experience. The university follows the provisions of the Guide for the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services in granting credit. In general, this provides that a student who has completed from six months to one year is eligible for 2 credit hours, equivalent to first- year ROTC; and a veteran of more than one year is eligible for 4 credit hours, equivalent to two years of ROTC, and 2 credit hours for one year of freshman physical education, less any physical education or basic ROTC credit previously earned. Additional credit as may be justified is awarded for special training programs. Copies of official discharge or separation papers or transcripts must be submitted as a basis for granting credit. The Office of Admissions administers evaluation of service credit.

Students attending the university with educational assistance from the G.I. Bill should note that for full- time monthly payment 12 hours of credit must be taken. Three-quarter-time benefit is paid for 9 to 11 hours of credit; half time consists of 6 to 8 credit hours or the equivalent.

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