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This grade marking is defined in the student transcript as representing an F grade in a course that has been removed from GPA calculations by a subsequent retake of the course. The policy pertains only to undergraduate students. The policy of re- enrollment pertains only to a course in which an F was previously received. A grade of D, or any other grade, cannot be improved via this policy. In retaking the course the student must receive a regular letter grade of A, B, C, D, F, P, or S to change the original F to an FX. The grades of W or I will not qualify for removal. Students wishing to repeat a course in which they received an F must secure the approval of the chairperson of their division prior to repeating the course. The course in which the student re-enrolls should be the same course in which an F was previously received.

The FX policy has the following limitations:

  1. A student may exercise the FX option for no more than three courses totaling no more than 10 credits.
  2. A student may use the FX option only once for a given course.

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