Financial Aid

Merit Scholar Packages

SLIS financial aid for master’s and specialist degree students focuses on SLIS Merit Scholar packages (fee scholarships with part-time jobs). These packages are merit-based and are highly competitive. Each year SLIS awards approximately 30 Merit Scholar packages (to about 10 percent of our students). These packages are for one year, and are not renewable. Most packages include 27 credit hours of tuition remission (excluding university fees of about $35 per credit hour); plus paid hourly positions of 15 hours a week. Packages may vary. Hourly positions include working with SLIS faculty and administration, at the IU Libraries, with SLIS information technology, among other opportunities. These packages are similar to “graduate assistantships” but have some differences. In addition, SLIS has some smaller fee scholarship aid packages. While some SLIS packages are substantive, none will fully fund a graduate education. Students are encouraged to review the other scholarship and aid links listed on the SLIS Web site.

Financial aid recipients must make adequate progress toward their degrees each semester and meet all other requirements of the award, or financial support may be discontinued. It is the responsibility of each recipient to confirm tax status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Application Deadline: January 15
New students must have a completed application on file by January 15 to be considered for SLIS aid packages. Continuing students must indicate their wish to be considered to the SLIS Office according to the guidelines that will be posted on the SLIS listserv. Students may submit an updated resume.

International Student Aid
To be considered for SLIS aid packages, international students must have their completed applications to the SLIS Office by January 15. International applications must first be reviewed by the IU Office of International Admissions. International students are encouraged to apply by October 1 so that applications may be processed and forwarded to the SLIS Admissions Office by January 15. The International Admissions Office e-mail is intladm [at] indiana [dot] edu ( SLIS is glad to welcome international students to our programs. Aid resources are limited, however, and international students are advised to seek sponsorship and support from sources other than SLIS.

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