Financial Aid

Fellowships and Scholarships

SLIS offers annual scholarship and fellowship awards. Many of these are provided through the generous gifts of alumni and other SLIS supporters. They are often established in memory or in honor of the person for whom the award is named. Most of these awards are given to currently enrolled, full-time master’s or specialist degree students. Students who apply for SLIS financial aid by the January 15 deadline will be considered. Faculty members may nominate students for some awards. E- mail notices will be sent out on the SLIS listserv if any different procedures are required. Award decisions will be made by the end of April each year. Examples of the awards available:

  • Charles A. and Charles H. Davis Fellowship in Scientific Information—annual award to assist graduate students in the study of scientific information
  • Janice Kilner Egloff Scholarship—annual award
  • Dennis K. Grumling Award—annual award for excellence in cataloging
  • Frances E. Hammitt Scholarship—annual award
  • Lois Eleanor Kidwell Scholarship—annual award
  • Keith C. Kuhn Tri-State Scholarship— annual award to a student from the Tri-State Area (Southeast Indiana, Southwest Ohio, and Northern Kentucky)
  • Margaret I. Rufsvold Graduate Fellowship—annual award
  • Harold and Marjorie Sharp Scholarship—annual award with preference for special library career paths
  • Charles B. Shaw Fellowship—annual award for potential primarily in the area of academic librarianship
  • Clayton A. Shepherd Scholarship—annual award with emphasis on information science and technology
  • Evelyn Ray Sickels Award—annual award for youth services
  • ALA Spectrum Initiative Matching Award—6 credit hours of fee remission for a student who receives an ALA Spectrum Scholarship and who elects to attend IU
  • H. W. Wilson Scholarships—varying awards
  • Yuan T’ung Li Fellowship—annual award to a student of Chinese ancestry

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