Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs

BS in Informatics

Business Cognate

Required (for both options):

  • BUS-A 200 Foundations of Accounting (recommendedOR BUS-A 304 Financial Reporting and Analysis OR BUS-A 306 Management Accounting and Analysis
  • BUS-K 201 The Computer in Business (minimum grade of C required)

Option 1: Business and Society

Select three courses from the following:

  • BUS-F 300 Introduction to Financial Management
  • BUS-G 300 Introduction to Managerial Economics and Strategy
  • BUS-J 306 Strategic Management and Leadership
  • BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business
    • If you take BUS-L 20L as an elective, please see your advisor to submit an exception for it to count for this option
  • BUS-L 302 Sustainability Law and Policy
  • BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing
  • BUS-P 300 Introduction to Operations Management
  • BUS-W 300 New Venture Management
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations

Option 2: Business, Data, and Technology


  • BUS-K 303 Technology and Business Analysis
  • BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business

Select two courses from the following:

  • BUS-K 315 Business Process Management
  • BUS-K 360 VBA and Application Integration
  • BUS-S 305 Technology Infrastructure
  • BUS-S 307 Data Management

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