Kelley Undergraduate Program

Business Degree Requirements

IUB General Education Curriculum

All Kelley School undergraduate students who have matriculated to IU Bloomington, in May 2011 or later, follow the IUB General Education Curriculum.  

The Common Ground:

  • English Composition: One approved course*
  • Mathmatical Modeling: One approved course*
  • Arts & Humanities: 6 credits of approved courses
  • Social and Historical Studies: 6 credits of approved courses*
  • Natural and Mathematical Sciences:6 credits of approved courses (three credits of which must be a natural science course)*
  • World Languages and Cultures: Three options to choose from including foreign language study, 6 credits of approved world culture courses or an approved study abroad program.

Exact requirements can be found in the 2017-2018 IUB General Education Bulletin.

*May be satisfied by a corresponding I-Core pre-requisite.

 IUB General Education Policies

  • A minimum of 6 credit hours of the IU Bloomington General Education Common Ground curriculum must be completed in residence at Indiana University Bloomington.
  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated, a grade of D– or higher is sufficient for successful completion of a course in the General Education Common Ground curriculum.
  • In order to apply toward the General Education Common Ground requirements, a course must be GenEd-approved for the semester in which the course is taken.
  • For Breadth of Inquiry (A&H, S&H, and N&M) and World Languages and Cultures, at the discretion of departments, and with permission of the appropriate academic dean (i.e., the academic dean for the course), exemptions for approved courses may be earned by satisfactory performance on departmentally approved examinations.
  • Equivalencies for English Composition and foreign language courses are established by the College of Arts and Sciences and will apply to the General Education requirements in accordance with the policies published in the current College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.
  • Courses in which a student earns a grade of "P" (i.e., Pass) will not count toward fulfillment of Common Ground requirements.
  • Repeatable courses that are GenEd-approved may apply toward fulfillment of Common Ground requirements more than once only if the course is repeated with a different topic.
  • Independent study or correspondence courses do not apply toward fulfillment of IU Bloomington General Education Common Ground requirements.
  • Students who earn the Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) milestone at another IU campus or at another Indiana state public institution of higher education prior to matriculation at Indiana University Bloomington will not be subject to IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground requirements.
  • For information on transfer credit and the IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground requirements, consult the Transfer Students page of the IU Bloomington GenEd website.

Academic Bulletins

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