About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Minors and Certificate

Minor in Business

The 21-credit Minor in Business is intended for non-business majors who have personal or career goals that will be reinforced by business coursework.

Requirements for the Minor in Business are:
  • Complete 26 or more credit hours of college work that counts toward graduation and be admitted to an appropriate degree-granting school at IU Bloomington.
  • Successfully complete the following courses
    • BUS-A 200 or BUS-A 201 or BUS-A 202 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-K 201 (3 cr.)1
    • BUS-L 201 (3 cr.)
  • Successfully complete four of the following elective courses:
    • BUS-F 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-G 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-M 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-P 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-Z 302 or BUS-J 306 (3 cr.)

NOTE:  ECON-E 201 is recommended to round out the student’s minor in Business but not required.

1 CSCI majors may substitute CSCI-C 211 or CSCI-H 211 for BUS-K 201 if they are pursuing a business minor; however, if they change majors or become business majors, they must take BUS-K 201.

Academic Bulletins

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