The courses listed in this bulletin represent the Kelley School’s complete undergraduate offerings at the time of publication.

The number of credit hours given in a course is indicated in parentheses following the course title.

The abbreviation “P” refers to the course prerequisite or prerequisites; the abbreviation “C” refers to the course co-requisite or co-requisites.

Some of the courses listed are offered infrequently. Students are advised to check with the departments to determine when a course will be offered.

Key to Course Codes
AFRO African American and African Diaspora Studies
AMST American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
AST Astronomy
BIOL Biology
BUS Business
CHEM Chemistry
CMCL Communication and Culture
CMLT Comparative Literature
COAS College of Arts and Sciences
CSCI Computer Science
ECON Econmics
EDUC Education
ENG English
FINA Fine Arts
HIST History
HON Honors
HPER Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
HPSC History and Philosophy of Science
JOUR Journalism
MATH Mathematics
MUS Music
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSY Psychology
REL Religious Studies
SLAV Slavic Languages and Literature
SOC Sociology
SPEA Public and Environmental Affairs
THTR Theatre and Drama

Academic Bulletins

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