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Department of Accounting
Undergraduate Accounting Major

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business accounting curriculum prepares students for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, consulting, government and not-for-profit organizations, and taxation. It equips the prospective business executive with tools for intelligent analysis, planning, control, and decision-making. Graduates of this program are among the leaders of the profession and the worldwide business community. The accounting curriculum also provides an excellent foundation for the student who wants to pursue graduate work in business, public administration, or law. Because this curriculum is highly structured—most of the courses must be taken in a certain order—interested students should select this major as soon as possible in order to graduate within four years.

Internships in business or government are available on a selective basis during the fall, spring, and summer terms. Fall is an ideal time to apply for an accounting internship, as the majority of public accounting internships are spring semester positions. The Undergraduate Career Services Office can provide further information about internships.

Accounting graduates who meet the requirements of the State Board of Public Accountancy of Indiana are eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination in Indiana. Those who wish to engage in public accounting practice in Indiana as certified public accountants should familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations issued by the Indiana State Board of Public Accountancy, 912 State Office Building, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Most states, including Indiana, now require accounting professionals who wish to be licensed as certified public accountants to complete 150 credit hours of education. The Kelley School Graduate Accounting Programs offer two graduate programs for individuals who wish to fulfill the education requirements necessary to sit for the CPA examination while preparing for a lucrative career in the accounting profession. Students planning to practice outside Indiana should consult the CPA licensing board in their intended state of residence. More information can be found at www.cpa-exam.org or www.nasba.org.

Accounting Major Requirements (31 credits)

  • BUS-A 311
  • BUS-A 312
  • BUS-A 325
  • BUS-A 329
  • BUS-C 301
  • BUS-A 337
  • BUS-A 424
  • 3 credits of electives from:
    • BUS-A 422
    • BUS-A 437
    • BUS-A 440
  • 9 credits of supporting major coursework from a business discipline other than accounting

Graduate Accounting Programs

A graduate degree in accounting enables a student to differentiate him or herself in the marketplace, get more in-depth coursework in accounting or finance, gain “experience” in real-world situations, and be qualified and better prepared for the CPA examination. A post-graduation 6-week CPA review course is available exclusively to Kelley’s graduate accounting students. For more information, contact the Graduate Accounting Programs office in Suite 2000, on the bridge connecting the two business buildings, visit the website at http://kelley.iu.edu/gap, or e-mail acctgrad@indiana.edu.

3/2 MBA

The Master of Business Administration in Accounting (MBA/A) is referred to as the “3/2 MBA program” and is designed for Kelley School students majoring in accounting or finance. Students spend three years in undergraduate study at Kelley, apply for admission in the fall of the junior year, and then complete two years in graduate study. Students work in student teams; coursework is delivered in a workshop format by top-ranked faculty members. The hallmark of the market-driven curriculum is the “experiential learning” component which might include an assignment abroad as well as a capstone business simulation, a field consulting project, learning laboratories, and case studies. After completing the 1st year business core, 2nd year students take coursework consistent with their career goals in accounting or finance. Graduates take positions in financial services, investment banking, and public accounting (audit, tax). Rather than graduating with a bachelor’s degree, starting a career, and then having to interrupt it later to come back to school for two years, students stay one additional year at Kelley and earn both a B.S. and an M.B.A degree as well as satisfying the 150-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam, if they choose. Admission to the program is competitive. Students interested in the program should meet with an undergraduate business advisor to plan a course of study that includes the necessary prerequisite coursework and stay “MBA ready.” With careful planning, qualified students are ready to apply for admission in the fall term of the junior year.


The Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) is a one-year graduate accounting degree program open to qualified individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University or another accredited college or university. Work experience is not required. MSA students develop valuable advanced skills in a technical accounting curriculum while gaining “real-world” experience in a team-based, corporate-sponsored consulting project. Students take coursework in audit, taxation, or a blend of the two.

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