About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Minors and Certificate

Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field in Entrepreneurship

The Bachelor of Science in Music with an Outside Field in Entrepreneurship focuses on two major themes:  (1) innovative career development in music and the arts, and (2) an infusion of entrepreneurial thinking for the purpose of generating greater cultural leadership among music students.  A total of 27 credit hours must be completed for the “Outside Field in Entrepreneurship”.

  • C or higher required in BUS-K 201
  • Overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the Outside Field in Entrepreneurship
  • All 300 and 400 level course work must be completed on the IU-Bloomington campus, with the exception of BUS-Z 302.
  • None of the coursework may be taken by Independent Study, Correspondence, or Distance Education. 
  • Course Requirements:
    • BUS-A 200
    • BUS-K 201
    • BUS-L 311 (preferred) OR BUS-L 201
    • BUS-F 300 OR BUS-P 300
    • BUS-M 300
    • BUS-J 306 OR BUS-Z 302
    • BUS-G 300 OR ECON-E 201
    • BUS-W 212
    • BUS-W 300
Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Cultural Leadership (JCECL)

The talented students emerging from the world renowned Jacobs School of Music certainly have opportunities in major orchestras or other national outlets; however, the School has expressed the need to educate music students on entrepreneurial principles as so many will be using their special talents “on their own,” creating two avenues to pursue: further development in the arts for the state; and business development in the music fields that receive little focus.

The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Cultural Leadership is being developed for the near future. This program will offer students in the musical arts an opportunity to learn some of the business and entrepreneurial principles necessary to enhance their careers.

Academic Bulletins

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