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Academic Honors and Awards

Kelley ACE Program

The Kelley School of Business Advanced Curricular Experience (ACE) Program is a unique opportunity for select Kelley direct admit freshmen.  It provides academic challenges, leadership development programs, professional growth, and a sense of social responsibility.   This goal of nurturing multi-dimensional students is accomplished through classroom experiences, mentoring relationships, and programmatic activities.

The program also provides a pathway to the Kelley Honors Program.  At the end of the freshman year, students in the program will be offered admission to the Kelley Honors Program if they meet specified criteria.

Admission and Eligibility

Selected students are invited to apply via email in the winter. The ACE Program is designed specifically for a small group of high-performing Kelley Direct Admit freshmen students. To be considered for the program, you must be:

  • A high school student finishing your senior year
  • A Direct Admit to the Kelley School of Business and have been invited to apply to the ACE Program

Invited students submit an online application, which includes two short essays.

Kelley ACE Program Curriculum

Students in the ACE Program will:

  • Be challenged academically through their freshmen course block of BUS-C106 Honors Business Presentations and  BUS-K204 Honors Computers in Business
  • Receive mentoring from Kelley Honors senior students as well as alumni
  • Have the opportunity to develop their leadership and professional skills through workshops and luncheons with faculty and guest speakers
  • Be invited to participate in business trips and alternative break weekends for those interested in social responsibility

Academic Bulletins

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