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Minor in Financial Literacy

The 21-credit Minor in Financial Literacy is intended for students who desire an appreciation of financial markets, concepts and tools without having to become a full-fledged business student. Many non-business majors can be more effective in their careers with a sounder understanding of the financial environment they operate in. The goal of the minor is fill this need: it will allow non-business professionals (journalists, government officials, lawyers, public relations professionals, etc.) to be able to write newspaper articles, think about public policy issues, etc. based on sound financial concepts and also to be able to do basic financial analysis that may be relevant to a law firm, an ad agency, etc. Students would learn basic financial concepts and financial terminology, institutions, and issues.

Requirements for the Minor in Financial Literacy are:
  • Complete 26 or more credit hours of college work that counts toward graduation and be admitted to an appropriate degree-granting school at IU Bloomington.
  • Successfully complete the following courses
    • BUS-A 200 or BUS-A 201 or BUS-A 202 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-K 201 (3 cr.)1
    • BUS-F 260 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-F 262 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-F 300 (3 cr.)
  • Successfully complete two of the following elective courses:
    • BUS-G 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-L 201 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-M 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-P 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-R 300 (3 cr.)
    • BUS-Z 302 (3 cr.) or BUS-J 306 (3 cr.)

ECON-E 201 is recommended to round out the student’s minor in Business but not required.

1CSCI majors may substitute CSCI-C 211 for BUS-K 201 if they are pursuing a business minor or cognate; however, if they change majors or become business majors, they must take BUS-K 201.

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