About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

IUB General Education Curriculum

Kelley School undergraduate students who matriculate to Indiana University - Bloomington, in June 2011 or later, follow the IUB General Education Curriculum outlined at http://gened.iub.edu/.  This is incorporated into the 2011 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business. 

Students who matriculated to Indiana University Bloomington prior to June 2011, have two choices:

  • continue with the 1996-2010 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business and the General Education requirements for that degree: http://www.indiana.edu/~bulletin/iub/kelley-ugrad/2010-2011/index.shtml

  • switch completely to the 2011 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business as outlined in this 2011-12 bulletin, which include the IUB General Education Curriculum requirements (see Kelley academic advisor to discuss or make this change)

Academic Bulletins

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