About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

The Integrative Core

The Integrative Core (I-Core), a semester-long experience of five, concurrent classes, is designed to pull together all of the concepts in the I-Core pre-requisites and instill a higher level of learning that bridges the classroom and the real-world. The professors coordinate their course materials so that students are able to easily see the connections between various areas of business and use their understanding of those interrelationships to make business decisions and solve problems.   

Beyond the core areas of finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, students participate in workshops as part of the fifth class (I-Core Discussion) to further strengthen professional skills, develop critical thinking, and reinforce the team skills needed for the rigorous case.  The final I-Core case is an extensive team project in which students demonstrate the interconnectness of the functional areas as they solve a business problem or challenge.

Students are required to pass each I-Core course with a minimum grade of C.

Standard I-Core

  • Students are placed in teams at the end of the semester and spend most of the last two weeks preparing the case
  • Standard I-Core is offered in the Fall, Spring, or Summer (full summer)
  • Students must apply, online for standard I-Core at http://kelley.iu.edu/ugrad/apps/icore_info.cfm
    • Applications for Fall or Summer I-Core are accepted February 15-March 15
    • Applications for Spring I-Core are accepted September 15 - March 15
    • After receiving approval, students register using BUS-BE 370

Honors I-Core

  • Students participate in teams throughout the semester and present their final case at the end of the term
  • Honors I-Core is available only for students in the Business Honors Program
  • Honors I-Core is offered only in the Fall semester
  • Students are administratively enrolled in Honors I-Core (see Business Honors academic advisor for information)

I-Core Pre-requisites

See the I-Core Pre-requisites section for a list of the fifteen courses that need to be completed (all with minimum grades of C) prior to I-Core.

Academic Bulletins

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