About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

Kelley Upper Level General Education Requirement

The B.S. in Business is a liberal arts degree, supported by:

  • the IUB General Education Curriculum
  • plenty of room for non-business minors
  • six required credits of upper-level non-business courses

The six upper-level general education credits may be completed by any combination of:

  • 300/400-level courses articulated as S&H (Social & Historical Studies) or A&H (Arts & Humanities) by the College of Arts & Sciences*
  • 200/300/400-leve courses articulated as N&M (Natural & Mathematical Sciences) by the College of Arts & Sciences*
  • non-articulated, non-business upper level courses, as approved by a Kelley academic advisor
  • non-articulated, non-business transfer credits, as approved by a Kelley academic advisor

*Courses used for other degree requirements (e.g., IUB GenEd N&M, MATH-M 211, ECON-E 370 or STAT-S 301) may not be used to fulfill the Upper Level General Education requirement.

Academic Bulletins

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