Degree Requirements

Academic Minors

Minors may be completed in a variety of academic areas, but are not required to complete the Bachelor of Science degree. Completion of a minor typically requires between 15 and 20 credit hours and may require students to take more than the basic 120 credit hours for degree completion. Minors are subject to the guidelines of the unit offering the minor, and students are required to apply to the appropriate department for verification of the minor field if it is to appear on the transcript. Minor fields will appear on students’ official transcript but will not be identified on the diploma. Academic minors do not constitute a subject specific teaching license.

Students pursuing a minor should note the following restrictions:

  • The School of Education will accept any minor approved by other units at Indiana University-Bloomington. These minors will appear on students' transcripts but will not count toward School of Education degree objectives unless specified in program requirements.
  • Students may not be awarded a minor in a College of Arts and Sciences field that is the same as their School of Education major. 
  • A maximum of one course may simultaneously count for a minor in the School of Education and a major in another unit, or a major in the School of Education and a minor in another unit. 
  • No course may count for more than one minor, whether within the School of Education or in another unit.
  • For minors outside the School of Education, the sponsoring department of the minor is responsible for informing the student of the approved requirements for the minor and for any advising associated with the minor. Any variance from the courses required in the minor must be approved by the department sponsoring the minor and submitted to the School of Education Recorder (ED 1000). 
  • No priority for class registration will be given for courses required in the minor. 
  • A Declaration of Academic Minor form must be submitted to the School of Education Recorder (ED 1000) prior to the last day of the semester before student teaching to assure timely processing. 
  • Minor(s) will not be added retroactively to a student’s record after graduation. 

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