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Secondary Education Programs

The Secondary Education Programs lead to a Bachelor of Science: Secondary Education degree in specific content fields. The content fields include exceptional needs, journalism, language arts/English, mathematics, chemistry, earth/space, life sciences, physics, and social studies. The School of Education, in cooperation with the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and the College of Arts and Sciences, also offers secondary content fields in Health and Theatre, respectively.

Successful completion of a secondary education program requires meeting both academic content and performance-based standards as assessed at different points by the School of Education and by state-designated tests. The secondary education teacher license in Indiana mandates a content field, a target population developmental level of early and late adolescence and young adulthood, and in the school setting multiple assignments at the middle school/junior high or high school grades 5-12.

The Bloomington campus offers two secondary programs:
Both secondary programs include three basic areas of course work:
General Education 33-36 cr.
Content Field 36-63 cr.
Professional Education Arranged-46 cr.
Electives To total 124 cr.
Total 124-145 cr.

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