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All School Settings Education Program

The All-School Settings programs are available in four areas, music, physical education,visual arts, and world languages. Successful completion of the program requirements requires meeting both academic content and performance-based standards, as assessed at different points by the respective schools and by state designated testing. The All School Settings education teacher license in Indiana mandates a content field; preparation at all student developmental levels from early and middle childhood, early and late adolescence, and young adulthood; and field experences in kindergarten, elementary, middle school/junior high or high school settings. The All School Settings program is divided into three main components: general education, subject matter specialty, and professional education. With the addition of electives, course work must total a minimum of 124 credit hours, as follows:

General Education 33 cr.
Professional Education 28-53 cr.
Subject Matter Specialty Studies 36-62 cr.1
Electives 0-22 cr.2

124 cr.

Some courses used to satisfy general education requirements may also be applied to fulfill requirements for a subject matter specialty study. In such cases, the course may be used to meet all requirements to which it will apply, but the credit hours may be counted only once toward the total of 124 credit hours needed for a degree.

1 Credits vary—see subject areas for the specific number of credit hours required for each subject.
2 Approximate because subject matter concentration credit hours may be used to satisfy general-education requirements, leaving the need for more electives to reach 124 credit hours for graduation.

Music Education is offered through the Jacobs School of Music. Admission to the program is contingent on meeting all audition/admission requirements prescribed by the Jacobs School of Music. Coursework includes appropriate pedagogy for classroom and ensemble setting and the structure of K-12 music programs in schools. Academic advising is provided by the Jacobs School of Music. See:

Physical Education is offered through the department of Kinesology, School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. The program includes coursework and field experiences in phyiscal development and health, exercise science, individual and team sports, as well as instructional strategies. See the HPER Bulletin for program details:

Visual Arts program incorporates course work and field experiences in studio art, the history of art, and art theory, as well as appropriate pedagogy for students at different developmental stages. For program requirements (program planning sheet), see:

World Languages programs are available in seven languages approved for instruction in the Indiana public schools, including: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Majors in these areas are engaged in both coursework and field experiences related to language skills, literature, culture, and the pedagogy appropriate to the level of student development and instruction. Program planning sheets for each area are available at:

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