Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies & Procedures

Graduate-Level Course Work

Under normal circumstances undergraduate students should not be enrolled in graduate-level courses. If, however, the instructor, the department and the student agree that the course is appropriate given the student’s academic goals and interests and that s/he is qualified to take the course, the student may enroll. The student must accept full responsibility for fulfilling the course requirements and for the grade earned. 

Even if the student has successfully completed a graduate-level course, it will satisfy degree requirements for a bachelor’s degree only by special permission of the Dean. Approval for graduate-level courses to be applied toward the requirements for a bachelor’s degree is not guaranteed, but rather is granted on a case-by-case basis. To request such approval, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The student obtains permission from the instructor of the course and the department to enroll in the graduate-level course;
  2. The student asks his/her academic advisor to submit an exception in the College database;
  3. The Dean reviews the  exception request and notifies the academic advisor of the decision;
  4. The academic advisor notifies the student of the decision.

In those cases in which undergraduates are permitted to count graduate-level course work toward a bachelor’s degree, no more than 12 credit hours will be counted. Graduate courses taken while an undergraduate and counted toward the requirements of a bachelor’s degree may not count toward a graduate degree at Indiana University (and may also not count toward graduate degrees at other universities).

Note: This policy does not apply to graduate credit earned by students participating in a number of highly selective College-sponsored accelerated five-year undergraduate/graduate degree programs. For details consult "Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs" in this Bulletin.