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Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy

Research Tool Skills

Required course work for research skills includes a basic two-semester statistics sequence and two additional elective courses or proficiency in a foreign language.

Basic Tool Skills

The two-semester quantitative analysis sequence requirement is generally fulfilled through one of the course sequences listed below.

  • SPEA-V 606 Statistics for Research in Public Affairs I (3 cr.) and SPEA-V 607 Statistics for Research in Public Affairs II (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 575 Political Data Analysis I (3 cr.) and POLS-Y 576 Political Data Analysis II (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 554 Statistical Techniques in Sociology I (3 cr.) and SOC-S 650 Statistical Techniques in Sociology II (3 cr.)
Advanced Tool Skills

In addition, students must demonstrate either

  • advanced proficiency in quantitative analysis or specialized research skills by completing two additional courses approved by the student’s Progress Review Committee or
  • proficiency in a language appropriate to his/her field of study and approved by the Progress Review Committee. To qualify as language proficient, a student must take a language proficiency exam from the appropriate language department at Indiana University

Academic Bulletins

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