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Victorian Studies



  • VICT-V 611 Victorian Britain: Culture and Society, 1820-1900 (4 cr.) An examination of the civilization of Victorian Britain from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing problems of movement from a traditional to a modern society, industrial and demo­cratic revolutions, and the rise and decline of Britain as a world power.
  • VICT-V 701 Studies in Victorian Britain (4 cr.) Interdepartmental in­vestigation of topics related to Victorian Britain; their illumina­tion of the whole period in method or substance.
  • VICT-V 711 Social Science and Social Philosophy in the Victorian Age (4 cr.)  First part of course includes lectures on major philo­sophical and theoretical ideas underlying the approach of the Victorian period to economic and social questions; second part is based on research papers prepared by students on selected topics in their fields.
  • VICT-V 805 Readings in Victorian Britain (1-6 cr.)

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