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Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center




Toivo Raun* (Central Eurasian Studies)

Graduate Faculty 

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.) 

Distinguished Professors 

Robert Campbell* (Emeritus, Economics) 


Michael Alexeev* (Economics), Matthew Auer* (Public and Environmental Affairs), Ilhan Basgöz* (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies),  Christopher I. Beckwith* (Central Eurasian Studies), Jack Bielasiak* (Political Science), Laszlo Borhi (Central Eurasian Studies), Maria Bucur-Deckard* (History), Jamsheed Choksy* (Central Eurasian Studies), Devin DeWeese* (Central Eurasian Studies), Ben Eklof* (History), David Fidler (Law), William Fierman* (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies), Henry Glassie* (Emeritus, Folklore), Margaret Graves (Art History), Mary Goetze* (Emerita, Music), Michael Hamburger* (Geological Sciences), Michael Kaganovich* (Economics), György Kara* (Central Eurasian Studies), Paul Losensky* (Central Eurasian Studies), Marjorie A. Lyles* (Emerita, Business), John L. Mikesell* (Emeritus, Public and Environmental Affairs), Vicky Meretsky* (Public and Envi­ronmental Affairs), Christine L. Ogan* (Emerita, Journalism), K. Anne Pyburn* (Anthropology), Toivo Raun* (Central Eurasian Studies), Nazif Shahrani* (Anthropology, Central Eurasian Studies), Kemal Silay* (Central Eurasian Studies), Martin Spechler* (Emeritus, Economics), Frances Trix* (Emerita, Anthropology), Timothy Waters* (Law), David Williams* (Law) 

Associate Professors

Gardner Bovingdon* (Central Eurasian Studies), Owen V. Johnson* (Journalism), Marianne Kamp (Central Eurasian Studies) Dodona Kiziria (Emerita, Slavics and East European Languages and Cultures), Jason Mokhtarian (Religious Studies), Richard Nance (Religious Studies), Martha Nyikos* (Education), Öner Özçelik (Central Eurasian Studies), Kaya Sahin* (History), Jonathan Schlesinger* (History), Ron Sela* (Central Eurasian Studies), Abdulkader Sinno* (Political Science), Margaret Sutton* (Education), Herbert Terry* (Emeritus, Telecommunications) 

Assistant Professors 

Kathryn Graber*(Central Eurasian Studies and Anthropology), Stacey Van Vleet (Central Eurasian Studies), Elizabeth Dunn (Geography) 

Academic Specialists/Senior Lecturers 

Cigdem Balim-Harding* (Emerita, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Edward Lazzerini , Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies), Roman Zlotin (Emeritus, Geography)

Academic Advisor

Toivo Raun (Central Eurasian Studies), GISB 3006,

Academic Bulletins

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