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Human Sexuality



(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


Professor William Yarber* (Applied Health Science) and Professor Justin R. Garcia* (Gender Studies, Kinsey Institute)


Judith Allen* (History), Claudia Breger (Germanic Studies), C. Sue Carter* (Biology, Kinsey Institute), Kathryn Coe (Fairbanks School of Public Health), Wendy Gamber (History), Julia R. Heiman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Psychiatry), Scott Herring (English), Amy Holtzworth-Munroe (Psychological and Brain Sciences), J. Dennis Fortenberry (School of Medicine), Stephanie Li (English), Elizabeth Lloyd (History and Philosophy of Science), Sumie Jones* (Emerita, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Cultures), Ellen Ketterson (Biology), Noretta Koertge* (Emerita, History and Philosophy of Science), J. Scott Long (Sociology), Filippo Menczer (Informatics), Brea Perry (Sociology), Brian Powell (Sociology), Michael Reece* (Applied Health Science), Jean Robinson* (Political Science), Stephanie A. Sanders* (Gender Studies, Kinsey Institute), Dale Sengelaub (Psychological and Brain Sciences), David H. Smith* (Emeritus, Religious Studies), Beverly Stoeltje* (Anthropology), Peter M. Todd (Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences Informatics), Virginia J. Vitzthum* (Anthropology), Martin Weinberg* (Sociology), Brenda Weber* (Gender Studies), Colin Williams* (Sociology, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis)

Associate Professors

Jeffrey Bardzell (Informatics), Shaowen Bardzell (Informatics), Heather Bradshaw (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Silvia M. Bigatti (Fairbanks School of Public Health), Gracia Clark* (Anthropology), Brian Dodge (Applied Health Science), Debby Herbenick (Applied Health Science), Thomas James (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Colin Johnson (Gender Studies), Stephanie Kane* (Criminal Justice), Jennifer Maher (Gender Studies), Bryant Paul (Media School), Steve Sanders (School of Law), Shane Vogul (English, Cultural Studies)

Assistant Professors

Justin R. Garcia* (Gender Studies, Kinsey Institute). Beth Meyerson* (Applied Health Science), Paul Wright* (Media School)

Academic Advisor

Professor William L. Yarber*, School of Public Health Building 142; (812) 855-7974;

Academic Bulletins

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