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History Courses
  • HIST-A 301 Colonial America (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 302 Revolutionary America (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 313 Origins of Modern America (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 315 United States since World War II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 317 American Social and Intellectual History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 325 American Constitutional History I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 330 Social History of American Enterprise II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 346 American Diplomatic History II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 347 American Urban History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 348 Civil War and Reconstruction (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 352 History of Latinos in the United States (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 353 American Economic History I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 354 American Economic History 2 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 355 Afro-American History I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-A 356 Afro-American History II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 351 Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 352 Western Europe in the High and Later Middle Ages (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 353 The Renaissance (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 354 The Reformation (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 355 Europe: Louis XIV to French Revolution (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 356 French Revolution and Napoleon, 1763–1815 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 357 Modern France (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 359 Europe from Napoleon to the First World War I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 360 Europe from Napoleon to the First World War II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 361 Europe in the Twentieth Century I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 362 Europe in the Twentieth Century II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 366 Paris and Berlin in the 1920s: A Cultural History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 377 History of Germany since 1648 I (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 378 History of Germany since 1648 II (3 cr.)
  • HIST-B 391 Themes in World History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-C 386 Greek History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-C 388 Roman History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-C 393 Ottoman History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-E 531 African History from Ancient Times to Empires and City States (3 cr.) Origins and groupings of African peoples; political, social, and economic evolution to ca. 1750; Africa’s contacts with the ancient world, trans-Sahara and Indian ocean trades; growth of states and empires; spread of Islam.
  • HIST-E 532 African History from Colonial Rule to Independence (3 cr.) The slave trade and its abolition; European imperialism and colonial rule; impact of Islam and Christianity; nationalism and the struggle for independence; reassertion of African culture and identity; development issues.
  • HIST-E 533 Conflict in Southern Africa (3 cr.) Early populations and environment; spread of European settlement, interaction with African societies and early race relations; Zulu power and white power; discovery of minerals and industrialization; urbanization and segregation; African and Afrikaner nationalism; South Africa and its neighbors; Mandela and the new South Africa.
  • HIST-E 534 History of Western Africa (3 cr.)
  • HIST-E 536 History of East Africa (3 cr.) Developments over the past two millennia in East Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, and northern Mozambique). Topics include the environment and peoples of the region, the emergence of hierarchical societies, the economic and political changes of the nineteenth century, the era of European imperialism, the transformations associated with the colonial period, and African independence.
  • HIST-E 538 History of Muslim West Africa (3 cr.) Introduction to the history and historiography of Muslim West Africa; develops the origins of Islam in West Africa and the ways West Africans have incorporated, transformed, and amplified Muslim beliefs and practices throughout history.
  • HIST-F 546 Modern Mexico (3 cr.) Places contemporary Mexico in historical perspective, focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Topics include nineteenth-century social and political movements, the causes and consequences of the 1910 revolution, the formation of Mexico’s political system, problems of economic growth, and the changing patterns of gender, class, and ethnicity in Mexican society.
  • HIST-H 425 Topics in History (1-3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 500 Topics in History (3 cr.) Intensive study and analysis of selected historical issues and problems of limited scope from the perspective of social and historical studies. Topics will vary but will ordinarily cut across fields, regions, and periods. May be repeated for credit.
General and Professional Skills Courses
  • HIST-H 541 Advanced Quantitative Methods (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 542 Public History (4 cr.) The application of history to public needs and public programs. Historic preservation, archival management, oral history, editing, public humanities programming, historical societies, etc.
  • HIST-H 543 Practicum in Public History (1-4 cr.) P: H542. Internships in public history programs, field work, or research in the histori­cal antecedents of contemporary problems.
  • HIST-H 547 Special Topics in Public History (3 cr.) Intensive study and analysis of selected topics in public history. Topics will vary from semester to semester, e.g., to include historic preserva­tion, material history, archival practice, and historical editing.
  • HIST-H 575 Graduate Readings in History (arr. cr.)
  • HIST-H 580 The Teaching of College History (4 cr.) Approaches to college-level instruction in history, focusing on history learning theory, history course design, and educational research in history. Students will design a history course with appropriate assessments and will participate in a substantial research project related to course content.
  • HIST-H 591 Teaching World History (3 cr.) Introduction to the teach­ing of the undergraduate courses in world history. Topics include current curricula in world history; textbooks and other readings in world history; and multimedia resources. Students will prepare an undergraduate course syllabus of their own design.
  • HIST-H 592 Teaching World History Practicum (3 cr.) A first practical experience in teaching an undergraduate advanced topics course in world history. Topics are at the discretion of the student, but require authorization by the instructor and the Department of History. Students will have complete responsibility for the course taught.
  • HIST-H 593 Teaching United States History (3 cr.) Introduction to teaching undergraduate courses in United States History. Topics include: curricula in U.S. history, pedagogy in U.S. history, textbooks, and multimedia resources. Students will design two undergraduate course syllabi.
  • HIST-H 601 Introduction to the Professional Study of History (4 cr.) Introduces graduate students into the demands of the his­torical profession, introduces theory and methods of history, historiography, and fundamental research skills.
  • HIST-H 602 The Historical Profession
  • OS 500 Undistributed Overseas Study (0-30 cr.)
  • HIST-H 605 Colloquium in Ancient History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 610 Colloquium in Medieval European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 615 Colloquium in Early Modern Western European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 620 Colloquium in Modern Western European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 630 Colloquium in British and British Imperial History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 640 Colloquium in Russian History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 645 Colloquium in East European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 650 Colloquium in United States History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 661 Colloquium in History of Gender and Sexuality (4 cr.) Introduces students to the problems, bibliographies, interpretations, and research trends in the history of gender and sexuality. Topic varies. May be taken more than once, upon approval of the student’s advisory committee.
  • HIST-H 665 Colloquium in Latin American History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 675 Colloquium in East Asian History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 680 Colloquium in Cultural History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 685 Colloquium in Near Eastern History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 695 Colloquium in African History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 699 Colloquium in Comparative History (4 cr.) Selected topics that cut across conventional geographic and chronological periods. May be used by thematic minors as one of the three colloquia required of Ph.D. candidates.
  • HIST-H 705 Seminar in Ancient History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 710 Seminar in Medieval European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 715 Seminar in Early Modern European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 720 Seminar in Modern Western European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 730 Seminar in British and British Imperial History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 740 Seminar in Russian History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 745 Seminar in East European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 750 Seminar in United States History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 760 Seminar in History of Gender and Sexuality (4 cr.) Course involves research at a mature level with primary sources in specialized topics and problems in the history of gender and sexuality. It will train the student in historical scholarship in that area. May be taken more than once, upon approval of the student’s advisory committee.
  • HIST-H 765 Seminar in Latin American History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 775 Seminar in East Asian History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 780 Seminar in Cultural History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 785 Seminar in Near Eastern History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 795 Seminar in African History (4 cr.)
  • HIST-H 799 Seminar in World History (4 cr.)
Thesis and Dissertation
  • HIST-H 898 M.A. Thesis (1-6 cr.)
  • HIST-H 899 Ph.D. Dissertation (arr. cr.)
  • HIST-G 901 Advanced Research (6 cr.)

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