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Professor Elizabeth Housworth*

Graduate Faculty 

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor

Scott Long* (Emeritus)

Rudy Professors

Stanley Wasserman*


Steen Andersson* (Emeritus), Elizabeth Housworth*, Lanh Tran*(Emeritus), Michael Trosset*

Associate Professors

Chunfeng Huang*, Daniel Manrique-Vallier*

Assistant Professors

Julia Fukuyama*, Amanda Mejia*, Andrew Womack*, Fangzheng Xie,

Adjunct Professors

Franklin Acito* (Business), Katy Borner* (Library and Information Sciences), Richard Bradley* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Jerome Busemeyer* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Yoosoon Chang* (Economics), Juan Carlos Escanciano* (Economics), Vic­tor Goodman* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Andrew Hanson* (Emeritus, Computer Science), Jaroslaw Harezlak* (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Roni Khardon* (Computer Science), John Kruschke* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Russell Lyons* (Mathematics), Robert Nosofsky* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Joon Park* (Economics), Joanne Peng* (Emeritus, Education), Christopher Raphael* (Informatics), Scott Robeson* (Geography), Richard Shiffrin* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), James Townsend* (Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Pravin Trivedi* (Emeritus, Economics), Dirk Van Gucht* (Computer Science)

Adjunct Associate Professors

David Crandall* (Computer Science, Informatics), Mehmet Dalkilic* (Informatics and Computer Science), Yong-Yeol Ahn* (Informatics)

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Minje Kim* (Intelligent Systems Engineering), Grigory Yaroslavtsev* (Computer Science)

Director of Graduate Studies

Daniel Manrique-Vallier*

Academic Bulletins

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