Undergraduate Requirements

The University Graduate School will consider applications from students holding baccalaureate degrees from Indiana Univer­sity or from other accredited four-year collegiate institutions. The University Graduate School may admit students who do not meet stated admission criteria provided that the deficien­cies amount to no more than one year’s work. The dean will determine the condition of admission in such cases. If more than a year’s work is deficient, students should apply to the University Graduate School for admission to the Continuing Nondegree Program. Students from unaccredited institutions may be admitted as special students for one semester; if their records are then satisfactory and their department, program, or school recommends them, they will be given full standing. Ordinarily, a B (3.0) average in the undergraduate major is required for admission to the University Graduate School.

The University Graduate School recognizes the role in contem­porary curricula of modern technologies that enhance learn­ing in both traditional formats featuring primarily face-to-face interaction and in non-traditional formats where students and faculty engage each other primarily via electronic means. In considering coursework for admission purposes or for transfer of credit into a degree program, the Graduate School expects programs to evaluate course work and to apply the same criteria for quality to both traditional and distance formats. Course work must be from an accredited four-year collegiate institution to be considered for admission purposes, or must otherwise comply with the requirements for non-accredited institutions (see prior section).

Indiana University Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Candidates for baccalaureate degrees at Indiana University may apply for conditional admission to the University Graduate School and may enroll for graduate credit for that portion of their program not required for completion of the baccalaureate degree, provided that:

  1. They are within one semester of meeting baccalaureate degree requirements or they are admitted to an accelerated graduate program and enrolled in courses required for the graduate portion of their degree plan (if the baccalaureate is not completed within that semester, graduate credit earned may not be counted toward an advanced degree). 
  2. The total course load does not exceed that ordinarily taken by a full-time graduate student.
  3. The courses taken for graduate credit are authorized to carry such credit. (In certain instances graduate credit is al­lowed for undergraduate courses.)

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