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Ph.D. Minor in Latino Studies

The Latino Studies Program allows graduate students in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences, Business, Law, and Edu­cation to develop expertise on the historical and contemporary experiences of Latinos in social, cultural, political, and econom­ic contexts. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary, com­parative, and applied approaches to knowledge. It addresses the experiences of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Central Americans and other Latin Americans who have immigrated to the United States or who have resided in the U.S. for multiple generations. Our courses examine Latino communities and experiences within local, national, transna­tional, and diasporic contexts. 

Admission and Program of Study

Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. Minor in Latino Stud­ies should consult with the Director of Latino Studies, who will recommend a member of the faculty to serve as an advisor.  In consultation with the advisor, the student will complete the “Program of Study Form” and file it with the Director of Latino Studies for final approval. Upon completion of the course work, the Director of Latino Studies or the student’s Latino Studies advisor will attest to the successful completion of the outside minor.

Course Requirements

Students in other departments can minor in Latino Studies by completing twelve (12) credit hours of course work directly related to Latino Studies subject matter with a grade point average no lower than B (3.0). At least one graduate seminar (L599 or L601) or readings course (L701) is required, and the remaining credits can come from these or any other Latino Studies course offered by faculty outside of the student’s home department. Courses below the 500 level may not be applied to the Ph.D. minor. 

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