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Folklore and Ethnomusicology



(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


Associate Professor David Anthony McDonald*

Director, Folklore Institute

Professor Ray Cashman*

Director, Ethnomusicology Institute

Associate Professor David Anthony McDonald*

Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Pravina Shukla*

Graduate Faculty


Ray Cashman*, Diane Goldstein*, Jason Baird Jackson*, John H. McDowell*, Solimar Otero *, Daniel Reed*, Gregory A. Schrempp*, Pravina Shukla*

Associate Professor

Rebecca Dirksen, Barbara Hillers, Jon Kay, David Anthony

Senior Lecturers

Fernando Orejuela


Robert Dobler

Adjunct Professors

John Bodnar* (History), Stephanie C. Kane* (International Studies), Anya Peterson Royce* (Anthropology), Eric Sandweiss* (History), Susan Seizer* (Anthropology)

Adjunct Associate Professors

Judah Cohen* (Music), Jennifer Goodlander* (Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance), Jane E. Goodman* (Anthropology), Susan Lepselter* (Anthropology), Marvin Sterling* (Anthropology)

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Tyron Cooper (African American and African Diaspora Studies), M. Cooper Harriss (Religious Studies)

Faculty Emeritus

College Professor

Henry H. Glassie*

Distinguished Professor

Richard Bauman*


Mary Ellen Brown*, Mellonee Burnim*, Sandra Kay Dolby*, Hasan M. El-Shamy*, William Hansen*, Roger L. Janelli*, Portia K. Maultsby*, Beverly J. Stoeltje* (Anthropology), Ruth Stone*

Associate Professor

John W. Johnson*

Associate Scholar

Inta Gale Carpenter

Senior Lecturer

Sue Tuohy

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