Counseling and Educational Psychology

M.S.Ed. in Learning and Development Sciences- Counseling Psychology Track

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Counseling Psychology Requirements (12 cr.)
  • G522 Counseling Theories (3 cr.)
  • G523 Laboratory in Counseling and Guidance (3 cr.)
  • G575 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G552 Introduction to Career Counseling (3 cr.)
Educational Psychology Requirements (12 cr.)

Courses are selected from one or more of the sub-areas of psychological studies, which include human development and learning science. Select 12-credit hours of EDUC-P courses in consultation with your academic advisor. P514 Lifespan Development: Birth -Death and P624 Biology of Behavior are strongly encouraged

Inquiry Methodology Requirements (9 cr.)

Select from the following courses in consultation with your academic advisor:

  • Y502 Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y527 Educational Assessment and Psychological Assessment (3 cr.)
  • Y535 Evaluation Models and Techniques (3 cr.)
  • Y603 Statistical Design of Educational Research (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y604 Applied Multivariate Statistics (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3 cr.)
  • Y617 Psychometric Theory (3 cr.)
Elective Requirement (3 cr.)

Students may take electives in any area of interest with faculty advisor approval in order to complement their plan of study. Note that to meet the elective requirements, students may take additional G courses, excluding G524, G550, G647. Electives taken must bring the total to 36 credit hours and must contribute to the integrity of the student's program. G650 Topical Seminar in Counseling Psychology: Advanced Multicultural Career Counseling and Consultation is strongly encouraged

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