Counseling and Educational Psychology

Certificate in Qualitative Research and Inquiry Methodology (Online)

Certificate Requirements (12 cr.)

Core Courses (9 cr.)

  • Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3 cr.)
  • Y616 Digital Tools for Qualitative Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y640 Analyzing Qualitative Data (3 cr.)

Qualitatively Oriented Elective (3 cr.)

  • Y510 Action Research I (3 cr.)
  • Y612 Critical Qualitative Inquiry I (3 cr.)
    • (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y613 Critical Qualitative Inquiry II (3 cr.)
    • (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y624 Discursive Psychology Approaches to Discourse Analysis (3 cr.)
  • Y630 Narrative Theory and Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y631 Discourse Theory and Analysis (3 cr.)
  • Y633 Feminist Theory and Methodology (3 cr.)
  • Y650 Topics in Inquiry Methodology (3 cr.)
  • Y671 Knowledge, Reflection and Critique in Methodological Theory (3 cr.)
  • Y672 Communicative Action Theory (3 cr.)
  • Y673 Discursive Psychology as Theory (3 cr.)


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