Counseling and Educational Psychology

Ph.D. Minor in Counseling Psychology

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

Students must take four courses in counseling psychology. Courses that may be chosen from:

  • G505 Individual Appraisal: Principles and Procedures (3 cr.)
  • G510 Introduction to Alcohol and Drug Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G522 Counseling Theories (3 cr.)
  • G523 Laboratory in Counseling and Guidance (3 cr.)
  • G532 Introduction to Group Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G552 Career Counseling: Theory/Practice (3 cr.)
  • G567 Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G575 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G609 Interventions in Performance Psychology (3 cr.)
  • G615 Psychopathology and Advanced Diagnosis (3 cr.)
  • G622 Advanced Theories of Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G632 Advanced Group Leadership (3 cr.)
  • G650 Topical Seminar in Counseling Psychology (3 cr.)

School psychology students who minor in counseling psychology must take G522 and G523. For all other students, G522 and G523 are highly recommended, but not required.

Relevant courses from other departments or programs may be counted as counseling psychology courses at the discretion of the minor advisor, although no more than one such course may be counted toward the 12 credit minimum. Any member of the counseling psychology faculty is eligible to be a minor advisor.

Students must receive a B or better in all courses to count toward the minor. There is no minor qualifying exam requirement for the Counseling Psychology specialization doctoral minor.


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