Counseling and Educational Psychology

Ed.D. minor in Sport and Performance Psychology

Minor Requirements (9 cr.)

  • EDUC-G 509/SPH-K 500 Counseling College Student-Athletes (3 cr.)
  • EDUC-G 609/SPH-K 500 Interventions in Performance Psychology (3 cr.)
Select One Course (3 cr.)
  • SPH-M 512 Topics in Kinesiology [Critical Race Theory in Sport] (3 cr.)
  • SPH-M 513 Sports in Higher Education (3cr.)
  • SPH-M 522 Role of Sport in Society (3cr.)
  • SPH-M 525 Psychological Foundations of Exercise and Sport (3 cr.)
  • SPH-K 527 Adherence to Physical Activity (3 cr.)
  • SPH-K 533 Advanced Theories of High-Level Performance (3 cr.)
  • SPH-K 535 Physiological Basis of Human Performance (3 cr.)
  • SPH-K 550 Special Topics in Kinesiology (3 cr.)
  • EDUC-G 650/SPH-K 500 Special Topics Seminar in Counseling Psychology (3 cr.)
  • EDUC-C 750 Special Topics in Higher Education (3 cr.)
  • Other topical seminars in related fields will be considered for inclusion

The doctoral minor in Sport and Performance Psychology does not require a minor qualifying exam.

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