Counseling and Educational Psychology

M.S.Ed. in Learning and Development Sciences-Educational Psychology Track

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Educational Psychology Requirements (12 cr.)

Courses are selected from one or more of the sub-areas of psychological studies, which include human development or learning and instructional cognition. Select 12 credit hours of EDUC-P courses in consultation with your academic advisor.

Inquiry Methodology Requirements (9 cr.)

Select from the following courses in consultation with your academic advisor:

  • Y502 Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y527 Educational Assessment and Psychological Assessment (3 cr.)
  • Y535 Evaluation Models and Techniques (3 cr.)
  • Y603 Statistical Design of Educational Research (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y604 Applied Multivariate Statistics (3 cr.)
    (Must be taken concurrently with Y500.)
  • Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3 cr.)
  • Y617 Psychometric Theory (3 cr.)
  • Y635 Methodology of Educational Evaluation (3 cr.)
Foundations Requirement (3 cr.)

The usual course to fulfill this requirement is:

  • P601 Educational and Historical Foundations of Psychology (3 cr.)

Other options for this requirement, in consolation with your academic advisor, can be selected from the following:

  • A560 Political Perspectives of Education (3 cr.)
  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H525 Anthropology of Education (3 cr.)
  • H540 Sociology of Education (3 cr.)
  • H560 Education and Change in Societies (3 cr.)
  • H631 Social and Political Philosophy and Education (3 cr.)
Curriculum Theory or Methods Requirement (3 cr.)

In consultation with your academic advisor, select 3-credit hours from the following:

  • E505 Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Programs (3 cr.)
  • E506 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (2-6 cr.)
  • E507 Evaluation of Classroom Behavior (3 cr.)
  • E508 Seminar in Early Childhood Education (1-3 cr.)
  • J500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • J511 Methods of Individualizing Instruction (3 cr.)
  • J602 Introduction to Curriculum Studies (1-3 cr.)
  • J630 Curriculum Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
  • J637 Curriculum Development Process (3 cr.)
  • J661 Materials and Methods in Teacher Education (3 cr.)
  • K505 Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students (3 cr.)
  • P650 Topical Seminar in Educational Psychology: College Teaching (3 cr.)
  • P670 Behavior Analysis and Consultation for School Psychologists (3 cr.)
  • R503 Application of Instructional Media and Technology (3 cr.)
  • W551 Education and Psychology of the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.)
  • W552 Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.)
  • W553 Methods and Materials for the Gifted and Talented (3 cr.)

This requirement may be waived for students with undergraduate coursework in education and for students who will not seek a position in public education. Otherwise, courses in pedagogical theory or application, as well as curriculum theory or design, are acceptable.

Elective Requirements (9 cr.)

Students may take electives in any area of interest with faculty advisor approval to complement their program of study. Electives taken must bring the total to 36 credit hours and must contribute to the integrity of the student's program.

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