Counseling and Educational Psychology

M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling and Counselor Education- Addictions Track

Degree Requirements (60. cr)

Major Requirements (48 cr.)
  • G502 Professional Orientation and Ethics (3 cr.)
  • G505 Individual Appraisal: Principles and Procedures (3 cr.)
  • G510 Introduction to Alcohol and Drug Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G511 Screening and Assessment of Alcohol and Drug Problems (3 cr.)
  • G512 Counseling Approaches with Addictions (3 cr.)
  • G513 Legal and Illegal Drugs of Abuse (3 cr.)
  • G522 Counseling Theories (3 cr.)
  • G523 Laboratory in Counseling and Guidance (3 cr.)
  • G524 Practicum in Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G532 Introduction to Group Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G550 Internship in Counseling (6 cr.)
  • G552 Career Counseling: Theory/Practice (3 cr.)
  • G563 Mental Health Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G575 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)
  • G615 Psychopathology and Advanced Diagnosis (3 cr.)
Inquiry Requirement (3 cr.)
  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
Human Growth and Development Requirement (3 cr.)
  • P514 Life Span Development: Birth-Death (3 cr.)
Biological Basis of Behavior Requirement (3 cr.)
  • P624 The Biology of Behavior: Implications for Educational & Clinical Work (3 cr.)
Elective Requirements (3 cr.)

Three graduate credit hours outside the counseling and counselor education major are required (non EDUC-G courses). Specific course selection must have the approval of your academic advisor.

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