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Degree Programs

The following tables indicate all majors in graduate degree programs in the School of Education."

Counseling and Educational Psychology M.S.Ed. Ed.S. Ed.D. Ph.D.
Counseling and Counselor Education C
Counseling Psychology C
Inquiry Methodology C
Learning and Developmental Sciences-Educational Psychology CT CS
Learning and Developmental Sciences-Human Development CS
Learning and Developmental Sciences-Inquiry Methodology CT
Learning and Developmental Sciences-Learnng Science CT CS
Mental Health Cousenling C
School Psychology C C

Curriculum and Instruction
M.S.Ed. Ed.S. Ed.D. Ph.D.
Art Education C
Curriculum and Instruction-Art Education CT CS
Curriculum and Instruction-Curriculum and Studies CT CS
Curriculum and Instruction-Elementary Education CT CS
Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education CT CS
Curriculum and Instruction-Science Education CT CS
Curriculum and Instruction-Social Studies Education CT CS
Elementary Education CT
Elementary Education with Certification in Elementary Education C
Elementary Education-Early Childhood CT
Elementary Education-Elementary Education CT
Secondary Education CT CT
Secondary Education-Mathematics Education CT
Secondary Education-Science Educaton CT
Social Studies Education C
Special Education O, H C

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Educational Leadership O, H C C
Higher Education C C
Higher Education and Student Affairs C
History and Philosophy of Education C
History, Philosophy, and Policy in Education-Education Policy Studies CS
History, Philosophy, and Policy in Education-History of Education CS
History, Philosophy, and Policy in Education-Philosophy of Education CS
International and Comparative Education C
International and Comparative Education-Educational Leadership CT
International and Comparative Education-Higher Education CT

Instructional Systems Technology
M.S.Ed. Ed.S. Ed.D. Ph.D.
Adult Education O
Instructional Systems Technology C, O CT C, O C

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
M.S.Ed. Ed.S. Ed.D. Ph.D.
Literacy, Culture, and Language Education C, O CT C C

The title of the degree as it appears on the transcript and diploma may differ from that of the major or subject area. For details please consult the various sections in the latter part of the bulletin.

C = Program is offered on-campus.

H = Program is offered as a hybrid: meets both on-campus and online.

O = Program is offered online.

TThese majors are tracks in their respective masters, specialist, or doctoral program.

SThese majors are specializations in their respective doctoral program.

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