Emeritus Faculty

An (IUB) after an emeritus faculty member's name indicates that the person taught at Indiana University Bloomington; (IUPUI) at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; (IUC) at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus. 

Please refer to the University Graduate School website for Graduate Faculty and endorsement status. 

  • Abel, Billy, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1970) (IUPUI) 
  • Arnove, Robert, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1969) (IUB) 
  • Barman,Charles, Ed.D. (University of Northern Colorado, 1974) (IUPUI) 
  • Bean, John, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1978) (IUB) 
  • Best, William P., Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1968) (IUPUI) 
  • Blackwell, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 1977) (IUPUI) 
  • Brill, Arthur D., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1969) (IUPUI) 
  • Brown, Catherine, Ed.D. (University of Georgia, 1985) (IUC) 
  • Bull, Barry L., Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1979) (IUB) 
  • Callison, Daniel J., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1982) (IUPUI) 
  • Chafel, Judith A., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1979) (IUB) 
  • Chism, Nancy, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1982) (IUPUI) 
  • Cohen, Michael R., Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1968) (IUPUI) 
  • Cummings, Jack, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 1980) (IUB) 
  • Dare, Mary Jo, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 2001) (IUPUI) 
  • Dehnke, Ronald E., Ed.D. (Wayne State University, 1966) (IUPUI) 
  • Duffy, Thomas M., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1969) (IUB) 
  • Ebbert, J. Marvin, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1964) (IUPUI) 
  • Eklund, Susan, Ph.D. (George Peabody College, 1970) (IUB) 
  • Fink, Albert, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1970) (IUB) 
  • Frick, Theodore W., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1984) (IUB) 
  • Gabel, Dorothy L., Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1974) (IUB) 
  • Goud, Nelson H., Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 1967) (IUPUI) 
  • Gregory, Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Texas, 1969) (IUB) 
  • Hall, Dale J., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1965) (IUB) 
  • Harste, Jerome C., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1971) (IUB) 
  • Heinich, Robert, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1967) (IUB) 
  • Hossler, Carol Anne, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1997) (IUB) 
  • Huberty, Thomas J., Ph.D. (University of Missouri, 1980) (IUB) 
  • Jacobs, Lucy C., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1961) (IUB) 
  • Kinman, David, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1972) (IUB) 
  • Kloosterman, Peter, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1984) (IUB) 
  • Kuh, George D., Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1975) (IUB) 
  • Lambdin, Diana V., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1988) (IUB) 
  • Lester, Frank K., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1972) (IUB) 
  • Mahan, James M., Ed.D. (Syracuse University, 1968) (IUB) 
  • Mannan, Golam, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1967) (IUPUI) 
  • McBurney, Wendell F., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1967) (IUPUI) 
  • McCarty, Luise, Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1990) (IUB) 
  • McClellan, B. Edward, Ph.D. (Northwestern University, 1967) (IUB) 
  • Mehlinger, Howard, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1964) (IUB) 
  • Mikulecky, Larry, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1976) (IUB) 
  • Molenda, Michael H., Ph.D. (Syracuse University, 1971) (IUB) 
  • Mueller, Daniel J., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1969) (IUB) 
  • Newman, Anabel P., Ed.D. (State University of New York - Buffalo, 1971) (IUB) 
  • Overly, Norman V., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1966) (IUB) 
  • Peng, Chao-Ying Joanne, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1979) (IUB) 
  • Poindexter, Betty, Ed.D. (Ball State University, 1985) (IUB) 
  • Prentice, Joan L., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1964) (IUB) 
  • Pugh, Sharon L., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1978) (IUB) 
  • Reigeluth, Charles, Ph.D. (Brigham Young University, 1977) (IUB) 
  • Rosario, Jose, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1976) (IUPUI) 
  • Schwen, Thomas, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1970) (IUB) 
  • Sherwood, Robert, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1980) (IUB) 
  • Simich-Dudgeon, Carmen, Ph.D. (Georgetown University, 1984) (IUB) 
  • Smith, Carl B., Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University, 1967) (IUB) 
  • Smith, Gerald, Ed.D. (Columbia University, 1964) (IUB) 
  • Steiner, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1957) (IUB) 
  • Vallance, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1975) (IUB) 
  • Warren, Donald, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1968) (IUB) 
  • Wolf, Barbara, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1977) (IUB) 
  • Wood, Leslie A., Ed.D. (Stanford University, 1962) (IUPUI) 
  • Zimmerman, Enid, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1979) (IUB) 


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